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Remix Mini, Android PC

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SKU: JT-0516
Remix Mini

Remix Mini is a pocket-sized computer that can be plugged to any screen, be it an old monitor, a TV or even a projector, thus instantaneously equipping you with an Android interface that can enable to browse through the internet, create/edit documents and install apps available for Android. For additional functionality, Remix Mini also supports removable devices such as removable disks (USBs), mouses, keyboards and more.

To learn more about Remix Mini, watch it in action here: Remix Mini demo >>


About Remix OS

Remix OS, Remix Mini’s built-in Operating System, is Jide’s signature re-engineering of the Android Lollipop that provides users with an intuitive user interface that functions and looks just like a PC. Through Remix OS, you’ll see familiar features such as the taskbar, file manager and even use similar keyboard shortcuts. In addition, Remix OS supports over 2 million mobile apps available through the Play Store, including Office for Android.

To learn more about Remix OS, watch it in action here: Remix OS demo >>


Benefits for Organizations:

You can use Remix Mini to:

  • Enjoy the full capacity of a PC for a significantly lower cost
  • Create documents, browse the web and install apps available through the Google store
  • Enable your organization to repurpose or lengthen the functional life of your devices
  • Empower your old devices to run today’s latest apps
  • Work more effectively with the help of any device that can be connected via a USB or HDMI port, or even Bluetooth
  • Save energy when working through an efficient system that only requires 10 watts

A request for Remix Mini would include the Remix Mini device, one (1) power cord and one (1) HDMI cable.


Major Features

  • Basic Features:
    • Processor:           1.2 GHz quad-core Cortex-A53 (64-bit) Allwinner
    • RAM:                     2 GB of RAM
    • Storage:               16 GB eMMC of internal storage
    • OS included:      Remix OS 2.0 (learn more here >>)
    • Device Size:       2.6 cm x 12.4 cm x 8.8 cm
  • Miscellaneous Features:
    • Video:
      • H.265 4K hardware decoding
      • 1080P HDMI output
      • Support for 1920*1080 resolution
    • Audio:
      • Audio line out/headphone minijack (digital/analog)
      • HDMI port support multichannel audio output
    • Ports & Connections:
      • Two USB 2 ports
      • HDMI port
      • Ethernet port
      • Headphone port
    • Connectivity:
      • Wi-Fi:                   802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi wireless networking compatible
      • Bluetooth:          Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology
      • Ethernet:             10/100BASE-T Ethernet
    • Power Requirements:
      • Line voltage:      100-240V AC
      • Frequency:         50Hz to 60Hz, single phase

For more Hardware specs, kindly see this link:


Warranty & After-Sales Support:

For ONE (1) year after receiving your Remix products, Jide Technology will repair or replace it with a new one if there are inherent major defects related to the hardware. Inherent major defects are defined as problems that do not allow the device to function normally. For instance, if your Remix Mini cannot start up, or it does not power up, these would be considered as inherent major defects. Hardware defects that result from clear negligence, misuse or abuse of the hardware by the user are not covered by this replacement policy. Please be in possession of the hardware in question and be prepared to supply us with photos and a detailed description to prove the inherent major defects that you are experiencing.


Obtaining this Product:

This product will be shipped to your organization’s address once the admin fees have been settled. As a step-by-step guide, kindly take note of these proper procedures to follow once payments have been processed for this product:

  1. Kindly forward the formal invoice issued by TechSoup as a proof of payment to
  2. Use the "Jide + 4-digit order number" as the subject of the email
  3. customer service will confirm receipt and will coordinate with Jide for the delivery
  4. Delivery times may vary from 5-20 days after the order has been confirmed