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The Complete Office 365 Setup Package: From licenses to Implementation


Is your NGO or charity interested in Office 365? Are you worried about the potential costs of the licenses and whether you have the resources to set it up? Look no further! We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Complete Office 365 Setup, TechSoup's one-stop, end-to-end package that will help your NGO or charity to setup your own Office 365 accounts!

The package will include 3 core features designed for NGOs and charities that are interested and eligible for the offer:

  1. Access to free and discounted Office 365 licenses
  2. Setup services ranging from consultation to actual implementation
  3. Introductory training for your tech personnel and staff

To get started, simply book a free consultation with our experts so we can discuss your needs and how Office 365 - or other relevant tech donations and discounts - can help you!


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Feature Overview: From consultation to implementation

The Complete Office 365 Package serves as a one-stop suite of services that is tailored to support any NGO or charity looking to utilize one of the most robust cloud services today, Office 365. The package includes a range of services designed to take any NGO or charity from consultation to actual implementation of Office 365 with the guidance and support of TechSoup's own experts that understand both technology and the unique needs of NGOs and charities based in Asia. 

For a better overview of all the services included in the package, kindly see the feature overview below:


  • Expert Consultation: The smart way to start your transformation

Access to technical expertise has always been a challenge to most NGOs and charities. Get started the smart way by discussing your needs and goals with our experts while receiving valuable advise on how Office 365 can help and which subscription best meets your needs.


  • Registration Support: Get qualified for free and discounted subscriptions

Worried about the costs of Office 365? The package will include registration support on accessing free or discounted Office 365 licenses. Once qualified, this opens your NGO and charity to a robust selection of Office 365 packages ranging from entirely free to discounted rates for as affordable as USD 3.00/user/month.

Your NGO or charity's eligibility will be subject to the eligibility guidelines of the Microsoft for Nonprofits program as stated here.


  • Account Conversion: Transfer to nonprofit rates (if applicable)

Spending too much on commercial Office 365 subscriptions? If you are, the package will include assistance on converting that account to a nonprofit subscription, enabling you to enjoy free or discounted rates while utilizing the same set of services and apps.

Your NGO or charity's eligibility will be subject to the eligibility guidelines of the Microsoft for Nonprofits program as stated here.


  • DNS Redirect: Use your domain for a more professional look (if applicable)

Do you own a domain? Let our experts help you in the complicated process of adding that to your Office 365 account and give your Office 365 email accounts a sleeker and more professional look.


  • User Account Setup: We'll create your first set of user accounts for you

Let us help you get started by assisting your NGO or charity create your first 25 Office 365 user accounts which will be very helpful as you proceed with the introductory training. Interested in learning how to create your own accounts? Don't worry! We'll also teach you how to manage that in the training.


  • Introductory Training: Learn how to manage and use your Office 365 apps

Learn how you can make the most of your Office 365 accounts by receiving a dedicated introductory training directly from our experts. This will allow you and your team to learn how to manage your own Office 365 account (adding, removing, managing user accounts) while also learning all about the basics of using Office 365's robust selection of apps including OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams and the Office suites as well.

Do you have questions or inquiries about the package? Check out our FAQ page here


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