4 Tools to Boost Your Productivity When Working Remotely

With the coronavirus outbreak, working from home has now been enforced among many offices to minimize the spread of the virus. If your organization is among the many who has implemented these safety precautions, we understand that maintaining productivity during these trying times can be difficult.

To help you maintain (or even improve) your productivity, here are essential solutions that can help you better communicate and collaborate with your remote colleagues:


P.S. We also made sure to highlight tools you can implement remotely as well! This way, if you do not have any of these yet, you can implement it and distribute it to your colleagues remotely too.



The backbone of productivity when working with a remote team is a shared cloud storage. Not only do shared cloud storages enable you to maintain constant access to your files, wherever you are and through whatever device you use, this also makes it easier to track, share and even secure your files.

Box offers eligible organizations with 100 GB of shared storage that can be accessed by up to 10 users.

Do you own an active Boost package? The same Box offer is available to you for free. Simply contact customerservice@techsoup.asia to help you in claiming the offer.

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Regular face-to-face meetings are essential and almost impossible to avoid in any work scenario. An alternative when working remotely? Host online audio and video conferences instead.

Zoom is an online conference solution that can enable you to host online audio and video conferences, instead of face-to-face meetings, that can be accessed through both computers and mobiles. Moreover, Zoom meetings can also be accessed via dial-in, if internet stability is a problem, and through a browser – meaning attendees are not required to have Zoom installed in their desktops to join the calls you’re hosting.

Eligible organizations may access 50% discounts for the annual rates of either Zoom Pro (max of 100 participants) or Zoom Business (max of 300 participants) plans.  

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Other than meetings, signing documents is another constant for all offices. Whether you’re working remotely or not, paperless systems are a must for any organization. These not only help in conserving paper, but it also fosters a more efficient process altogether. DocuSign enables organizations to achieve just that, an efficient and secure paperless system that can help you easily distribute, track and generally manage documents that are sent out for approval or for signing.

Through TechSoup, eligible organizations may access a perpetual DocuSign Standard license or a 75% discount to the annual subscription to a DocuSign Business Pro license.

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Office 365 and Google Suite

The mother(s) of all remote productivity, full cloud suites such as Office 365 and Google Suites are robust cloud solutions that boast of all the necessary apps and services, you’ll ever need to maintain an efficient collaboration and communication – whether you’re working remotely or in the office.

Both online suites include the following essential apps and functions, among many others:

  • Professional email hosting
  • Cloud storages, both personal and a shared team storage
  • Online productivity apps for real-time collaborative editing of documents, spreadsheets and slideshows
  • Communication solutions for instant messaging and video conferences
  • Shared calendars

Eligible organizations may apply for either (or both) cloud suites through:


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